February 14, 2023
New York, New York

Lindsay & Ryan

    What had happened was...
    The Deets

We're finally DOING IT!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023
New York, New York

How We Met

"She walked into my life" - Ryan

We met by a random act of fate that Lindsay doesn’t remember very well. She was hanging out with her childhood friends, Esther and John, after a friend’s gig. They brought the party back to John’s place, who happened to be my roommate. She just walked into my apartment and into my life and I’ve held on ever since. With a little push from her best friends, we started dating soon after and never looked back.

The Proposal

"There's two!" - Lindsay

Part 1 - Ryan and I were having a very loud discussion (read: argument) about work/life balance while in our pajamas on our couch. He randomly left the room and I continued to watch my horror movie in peace. He comes back and I thought we were still arguing so I was talking over him. Little did I know, he was on bended knee reciting a very well-rehearsed speech and proposing. I said “Oh”…eventually I was persuaded. Part 2 - After all that, I assumed we were done with proposals. But in true Ryan Baxter fashion, he had to one up his first proposal with a surprise proposal on the beach of my favorite nature preserve in Long Island with the ring that I designed. My reply: “You jerk, I didn’t know this was happening! When did you pick up the ring?!!” I said YES….again.

The Wedding

We’re very excited to see everyone and appreciate if you can make it for an early meal to celebrate with us. See y’all soon!