Mary & Matthew



Matthew Brown


Mary Barrett


March 22, 2024

Clarksburg, MD
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The Story of Us

He found her on a dating app in November of 2019. She found him nine months later on the same dating app. She thought she missed her opportunity to meet him, but fate intervened, and she sent the message that would begin their story together. It started with a mutual love of Coheed and Cambria, and how many times they'd seen the band over the years, favorite albums, best versions of favorite songs. That led to discovering a secret shared history where they'd unknowingly crossed paths over the past several years, including two Coheed shows. It was a different time then, however, and they couldn't do the normal dating routine of meeting for coffee, planning a second date, hoping it becomes something significant, something real. Instead, they had to be patient. Their first date was virtual, and they spent the whole time talking. Because what else can you do on a virtual date? Minigolf. You can play minigolf against one another. Which is precisely what they did for their second date. And as you can no doubt deduce, playing minigolf, sharing everything about themselves, finding the mutual interests, the intersections, the parallels, and the divergences, quickly grew into the love they share today. It wasn't easy for them to find one another, but once they did, falling in love was the easiest thing in the world. And so their improbable love story began.

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