Deanna & Michael

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We're getting married

Deanna Rae Bajorek


Michael Andrew Bernholc

October 7, 2023

Chicago, IL

Algorithms of Destiny

October 6, 2021

Once upon a time, in the digital realm of a bustling city, two souls embarked on a serendipitous journey of love. It was a modern tale that began with a swipe, guided by the algorithms of destiny. Her name was Deanna, and his name was Mike. They quickly decided it was time to take their connection from the virtual realm to the physical world. It was a crisp autumn evening when they agreed to meet for their first date at a trendy microbrewery called Bixi Beer. Excitement filled the air as Deanna arrived early and patiently waiting outside for Mike. Unbeknownst to her, Mike was running late due to an unexpected haircut that took longer than expected. Nervously, he rushed to the brewery, fearing he had missed his chance. But as he approached, he spotted Deanna waiting patiently, her eyes lighting up as their gazes met. Relief washed over him, and they began their enchanting evening, sipping ginger beers and sharing laughter. Little did they know, that small moment of waiting would become a cherished memory, forever symbolizing their patience, understanding, and the love that would continue to bloom in their lives.

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