Baily & Nick



Nick Eberhardt


Baily Paul

September 8, 2023

Gig Harbor, WA

Our Journey

December 10, 2016

Once upon a time, in the halls of Peninsula High School, Nick and Baily's love story began. It was junior year when they caught each other's eyes, and sparks flew! From Nick and Baily's first homecoming date to cheering each other on at sporting events, family vacations, and everything in between, they were inseparable. But as years went on and graduation loomed, they knew they'd have to face the dreaded "college decision." It wasn't easy, but they chose to follow their dreams. Nick headed to Montana State, while Baily chased her passion for softball at Seattle University. Distance couldn't dim their love. They tackled the long-distance thing like champs! Countless late-night calls, texts, and video chats kept them connected. And hey, they even survived Baily's college transfer to Linfield University. Nothing could tear them apart! Five years of being apart felt like an eternity, but it only made their hearts grow fonder. And now, the day has finally come - they're together again! It's like a fairytale ending, but guess what? This is just the beginning! Nick and Baily are pumped to start their next chapter side by side. Their love story is like a rollercoaster - full of ups and downs, but always thrilling! They're ready to take on life together, hand in hand, with love as their superpower. No more goodbyes and long-distance woes. It's time for hugs, laughter, and making countless memories together. Nick and Baily's love story is one for the books, and they can't wait to write the rest of it - filled with love, adventure, and all the goofy moments that make life sweet. So here's to them, to love that conquers all, and to happily ever afters that are just getting started! 🎉💕

What's Next

September 15th, 2023

2nd Lieutenant Eberhardt is gearing up for his casual assignment at Holloman Air Force Base this September, and he couldn't be more thrilled. The excitement is contagious as Nick, Baily, and Lanie eagerly anticipate the start of their military life together. Their journey will lead them to New Mexico, where they'll embrace every moment until Nick's pilot training report date at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Baily is making her own strides in her career. Working as the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Manager for a regenerative organic farm based in Arizona, she's found a mission-focused career that aligns perfectly with their military lifestyle. With a job that allows her to travel alongside Nick on his adventures, their love and support for each other will undoubtedly make this new chapter an incredible one. Here's to an exciting journey of love, family, and embracing whatever the future holds for these two! 🌟

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