Bailey & Noah

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Noah Jimenez


Bailey Goodall

June 20, 2024

Escondido, CA
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How We Met


We were set up by mutual friends! We actually went to the same high school and knew of each other, but never truly got to know each other until a few years later. It all started when Noah and Bailey were shown each others picture and recognized each other from high school. Noah was then given Bailey's phone number and initiated the conversation. Two days after many texts, and a Facetime or two, Noah asked Bailey on a date. Noah remembered that sushi is Bailey's favorite food, so he made a reservation at a sushi restaurant. They had a wonderful dinner, and even received a free dessert (on accident) from the restaurant. A few days later, Bailey went over to Noah's house and met his whole family, as well as the neighbors next door. Everyone sat together and shared maximum enjoyment. It was on that day, that both Noah and Bailey knew that they wanted to be together.

The Proposal


Noah told Bailey that he was going to take her on a boat ride at his parents house, and told her to dress up. As they were walking outside, Noah was very cool and casual as he walked past his car. Bailey asked about why Noah passed the car, and Noah told Bailey that they should go on a walk first. They walked to the park close to their apartment and went on top of a hill where Noah proposed to Bailey.

Our Relationship


A month after we started dating, Bailey went back to Colorado to finish school and we started a long distance relationship. Each month we would take turns flying to each other. We were long distance for a total of 12 months. During that time, we called each other everyday and would sit on the phone with each other while doing activities just to be with each other. Once Bailey graduated, we decided to move in together. We love being together and seeing each other everyday in our apartment in California.