Hey, Baby!

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Ymonne, Matias


Zoë Tajzoy Piana

March 14


On Becoming a Parent...

[ Ymonne | Motherhood ] When thinking about becoming a mom, I am reminded of the individuals who have helped raise and teach me throughout my life - all of whom I hope to embody as I step into my new role as Mom. I feel incredibly blessed to bring a daughter into this world with the support of my loving husband, friends, and family. And yes, I will be that mom who has coordinating outfits with Zoë. Deal with it! [ Matias | Fatherhood ] I'm speechless out of happiness. I have enjoyed every single day of my wife's pregnancy and I'm beyond excited to meet our baby girl. I can't wait for the days when we all get to travel, camp, go to the beach, play guitar, scuba dive...the list is endless. My heart is already full of love.