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October 21, 2023

Chicago, IL

How We Met

First Comes Band Class, Then Comes Marriage

We met in 5th-grade band class oh so many years ago. Obviously, it wasn't love at first sight (although Jackson will claim he knew I was the one pretty early on... and he has had my phone number memorized since 7th grade), but we would be lying if we said there were no middle-school feelings between the two of us. Taking turns having small school-children crushes, we never were into each other at the same time.... and I am just going to assume that was for the best. Right person, absolutely wrong time? Well, eventually Jackson decided that having a crush on a girl wasn't a good reason to stay in a class that he didn't like, so he dropped band... and boy oh boy was I bummed. He was my best friend in the class, so seeing him leave me was quite devastating (as devastated as a 7th grader can be in this situation). Despite not having class together anymore, we remained friends all through high school, and into college. And then I guess after years of getting to know each other and me telling people I would never end up with Jackson Maurer.... we fell in love! So to sum it up, first comes band class, then comes a lot of time just being friends, and then comes love and marriage. It doesn't have as nice of a ring to it as the original rhyme, but I like it better anyway. - Averi

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