Levi & Ava

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Ava Foltz


Levi Veenstra

July 21, 2023

Bothell, WA

Our Story

The Love Story of Ava and Levi

Ava attended WSU and Levi attended University of Idaho. So how did they meet? Once the schools started letting everyone back since covid, Levi and Ava were both sick and tired of being alone. Levi was invited to hang out with an old school friend who attended WSU and just by chance, Ava was invited too. Now this is the part where it was love at first sight! Right? Well both Levi and Ava were not looking for a love, but love would eventually find them. Levi was the first to ask for a date, however Levi was still in the dorms stuck without a car and Ava had to become Levi's chofer. The two schools were only 15 minutes from each other but they got their miles in going back in forth from the two towns. For the first date they watched 3 whole movies! First was Nightmare before Christmas, and then the Lion King, and finally it was Monsters University. It took Levi after the 2nd and a half of movies to muster up the courage to hold Ava's hand. Ava was waiting alllllll night for that?! Not even a kiss on the cheek?! However she still thought he was cute enough to continue going on dates with him. Slowly they started to talk more and more with each other and the conversations got deeper and more meaningful. They realized they have the same morals, politics, and humor. Levi saw how Ava changed day by day, opening up to Levi and smiling way more. Ava saw how Levi started to let barriers down and let Ava into his heart and into his life. That whole process took a long time with plenty of ups and downs but Ava and Levi stuck through all the tough conversations and tearful nights. That is also when Ava learned that Levi is not a pretty crier. As their relationship grew, their hearts grew too. Ava started coming to church with Levi and opened her heart to the Lord. Levi started to give Ava more of his attention and broke down those walls to let Ava into his heart. The year is 2022 and Levi had to leave for a semester abroad in Italy. Although they knew that their relationship was strong, this would really put the relationship to the test. The long distance and the time change meant that Levi only had a few hours of the day to talk with Ava, and she was always busy with school or life guarding at the campus pool. Absence makes the hearts grow fonder as the saying goes. But it also made the hearts grow stronger. Levi realized that Ava was in this for the long haul and Ava realized that Levi is now becoming an independent man. No more living in a dorm, but out on his own in another country. No matter if they are only a few miles apart or a few thousand, Levi and Ava were always growing closer and closer to one another. As soon as Levi got back from Italy and after the winter break, he plotted his plan to propose to Ava. One thing to know about Ava is that she is an expert detective. Nothing slides by her without her realizing it, which made the proposal surprise into mission impossible. When Levi took Ava up to Cour De' Alene for a date night, she already knew what was going on, but she was so excited none the less. Levi secretly sets up his phone to record and got down on one knee on the beach. She Said Yes! That is where the story began and it will continue for the rest of our lives.