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August 31, 2024

Reeders, PA
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How We Met

Lancaster Nights

It was winter of 2018, both Austin and Emily were abroad in France for winter vacations with friends. The air was crisp, biting at their faces as they walked through a blanket of fresh snow that had been laid down that morning. Emily made her way into the pub. Austin was seated at the far corner after having been there for an hour or so with his pup, Jasper, sleeping in the booth curled up next to him. Albeit calm for only a moment, Jasper suddenly sprung out of the booth towards the door. Austin quickly ran after him, only to find his scruffy face being scratched by a beautiful blonde haired woman amidst a crowd of other strangers. Little did he know that Jasper had just matched him with the love of his life. Although this story is completely fictional, this will be the story that their grandchildren will be told about how they first met! In reality, like many couples, Austin and Emily met one evening in Lancaster after having matched on a dating app called Hinge. Austin had just moved to Harrisburg during his 3rd year of medical school and Emily happened to be home in Lancaster visiting her family after completing her first year of graduate school. They met for an annual festival in downtown Lancaster. Before they knew it, they found themselves in a cleared out bar at 2am, lost in conversation. It only took a few more dates before they started to realize this was something special. They have been inseparable since that time!

The Proposal

Diamond on the Diamond

The actual day had been preceded by many letdowns, with Emily expecting a proposal at just about every single family function or special event. A Montana vacation, a weekend at Eagles Mere Lake, every holiday prior, and multiple pocket searches all ended without a ring. It was a weekend that Emily had been preparing for, a baby shower for our goddaughter Emma James in Ligonier, PA. She was so preoccupied with planning the event that a proposal was the last thing on her mind. The baby shower was a success and the whole family returned to the house to get some R&R. Austin was insistent on taking their dog, Oliver, on a walk. Emily, on the other hand, was interested in anything other than this. She finally agreed but refused to change out of her matching sweats, clogs, and green puffy jacket (see gallery). They made their way down the two blocks to the town square, known to the locals as The Diamond, which had been decorated as a winter wonderland. Austin had planned to propose at one specific corner of the Diamond where Emily's father and uncle had strategically positioned a GoPro on a lamppost to capture the whole moment. As luck would have it, that spot was occupied by a family taking photos for their Christmas card. Panicked, due to the last minute change, Austin quickly moved to the opposite corner only to find a perfect and intimate alternate location. Austin spoke of their life, their beloved pups (shoutout to Ollie and Mable), and the countless memories to be made in the future. All the while, Emily was in complete disbelief as evidenced by frequent interruptions during Austin's carefully crafted speech. Within the next several minutes, Austin was down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring in a carved wooden box that he had made. Emily said yes! The two returned home only to find the most heartwarming engagement party filled with loved ones, thoughtful gifts, music and celebratory hugs. It was truly a weekend that will be cherished forever.

For all the days along the way
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