Audrey & Travis

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Travis Thun


Audrey Peterson

April 7, 2024

Auburn, GA
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How it all started

Giving Hallmark a run for their money

Travis and Audrey met at a local festival in April 2022. She was out shopping with her mom when they came across his booth where he was selling his jams. At first, they only stopped to try samples and ended up moving on, but it was her mom who convinced her to go back to flirt with him. Audrey went back only to find he was gone and it was only his mom at the booth. She assured her that Travis would return momentarily, which he did. They talked for a little bit, and she even bought a couple jars, but they completely forgot to exchange any names or numbers! Luckily, Audrey found his Instagram handle on one of his labels so she started following his page. He saw the follow request, but wasn’t going to message her (trying to be professional), but thankfully his best friend, Carrie, stepped in and told him to send her a message. When Audrey heard the notification on her phone and saw he had sent her a message, she couldn’t believe. They talked for the remainder of the night and ended up planning a date later that week. For their first date, Travis invited Audrey over to show her his process of making jams. He was very sweet and respectful and had a lot of fun. They talked about a second date, but didn’t set anything up at that time. Later that night, Audrey was talking with her best friend, Tina about the date and stated she wasn’t sure about going on a second date. She had recently ended an unhealthy relationship and wasn’t sure if she wanted to jump back into dating. Her friend convinced her to give him a chance and just see how it goes. Obviously she followed her friend’s advice because here they are today, one year later, getting ready to tie the knot!