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Audra Corns



April 19

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How We Met


As you probably already know we met on the sweet little island of Maui, Hawaii. Matty had been living there for 5 years already and I had been there just over 2 months. I was lucky enough to meet an amazing group of friends within my first few weeks on island and little did I know Matty was also friends with many in the group but we never crossed paths those first few weeks. Fast forward to November 17th, I was biking home from work and I ran into a friend who invited me to go to a drum circle and fire dancing party at Little Beach. Neither my friend nor I had a car at the time and she was on the phone with our ride and said "Be ready in 5 min or we're gonna miss our ride!" Luckily I was already on my street, biked to the house, threw on a dress and ran out the door to meet my friend. Our ride pulled up right away and I didn't recognize anyone. The car was packed, my friend jumped in the back and I squeezed in the front seat with the guys. I distinctly remember everyone talking loudly over each other in the car but almost immediately my ear honed in on the voice of the driver and something inside me 'clicked'. I looked at who was driving the car and of course, it was Matty Harper. I remember immediately feeling like I was supposed to know him, I can't explain the feeling but I instantly knew I was supposed to get to know this person. We get to the beach and go our separate ways for a bit but after a while we find ourselves both sitting in the same area of the beach. I figured it was my chance and I walked up to him, introduced myself (incase he forgot I rode in his car) and asked if he wanted to watch the fire dancing with me. He stood up, we walked over and from that point on we just kept looking at each other and smiling, no words, just energy and that was it. I guess you could say the fire dancing was symbolic for the start of a new flame. Here we are 9 years later getting married.

The Proposal


I was 9 months pregnant and we decided to take a drive upcountry to Kula. I think I thought we were going to the Kula Lavendar Farms because it was one of our favorite things to do upcountry. Often when we drive there we stop on the side of the winding uphill road and just get out of the car and admire the view from up high on island. Its always much cooler air and so so quiet up there. As we were standing on the side of the hill looking out at the ocean I was completely oblivious to what was about to happen. I look to my right to find Matty on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. It couldn't have been a more perfect moment/place/time. It is such a special memory we will cherish forever on that hill. But, it gets better. Rewind a few years back, Matty and I are in his home state of North Carolina and we decide to go gem mining in the mountains. We had the best time and found a ton of beautiful gemstones including a Star Ruby some sapphires. Matt has taken the Star Ruby we found together, had it tumbled and designed a ring around it as my engagement ring. Words truly can't describe how special it is. We both look at it and remember our magical trip to the Smoky Mountains, it will have a special place in our hearts forever.