Aubrea & Austin







September 16, 2023

Paradise, TX
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Our Story

In November of 2017, Aubrea was going to visit her high school best friend (Erin Purkeypile) for a weekend in Lubbock, TX. On Saturday afternoon following the Texas Tech football game, Aubrea meets Austin in the kitchen of him and his roommates college house (Erin’s boyfriend’s house at the time). Throughout the weekend Aubrea and Austin continued to talk to each other and when it was time for Aubrea to go back to DBU, she asked Erin “Who was that red head?”. Little did Aubrea know that after she left, Austin asked Erin for Aubrea’s number. The following month and a half until Christmas Break, the two communicated all day every day until they finally got to see each other again. Aubrea and Austin got together with their friends in Denton while home for Christmas Break and found themselves inseparable. The two spent as much time together as they could before Austin departed back to Lubbock while Aubrea stayed in DFW to finish at DBU. Then they began their year of long distance. Aubrea would pack up and head out to Lubbock to go visit Austin just about every other weekend. Some people even thought she went there she was there so much! The two were back and forth from DFW to Lubbock until Austin returned home in December of 2018. Somewhere in between this time Austin asked Aubrea to be his official girlfriend on May 19 of 2018. As the dreaded long distance was over the two got to enjoy the luxury of living in the same city. They have spent the last 4 years building their lives in Dallas. After dating for 4 years (and 4 months), Austin FINALLY asked Aubrea to marry her! The two are overjoyed to spend their lives together and can’t wait for the next season of life.