Ashley & Zack

    And The Countdown Begins!


Ashley Buchanan


Zack Credle


April 20, 2024

Nassau, New Providence

Our Story

#AtoZ from the beginning until the end.

Ashley and Zack first crossed paths at a NAACP Youth & College Conference in Charlotte, NC. Zack was a part of a Christian Rap Group, and Ashley was the Vice President of the Bennett College NAACP Chapter. During the event, Ashley couldn’t help but notice Zack’s energy and stage presence during his group performance. It was at that moment Zack and Ashley locked eyes. Zack was drawn by Ashley’s aura and the way she carried herself. After his performance, they struck up a conversation and really hit it off. They both found it easy to communicate with one another and enjoyed each other's company. Zack left the conference the next day and Ashley texted him a picture of her and the chapter winning awards during the award ceremony. They continued to stay in touch, chatting and texting each other regularly. Over time they both realized they had a deeper connection and shared similar values. One day Zack asked Ashley out on a date and she agreed. He took her to a nearby restaurant (one that college kids could afford). The conversation flowed easily between the two, and they both felt a sense of comfort and ease with each other. From that point on, they became best friends and were pretty much inseparable. They spent weekends in each others cities, attended each other's college events and grew together as a couple. Over the years they took their time getting to know one another allowing them to build the sense of security needed to send a lifetime together. On October 9th, 2022 Zack proposed to Ashley on the island sands in Dominican Republic (symbolizing the day they met). Now, they are in preparation to celebrate their union and commitment to a lifetime of love, support, and partnership alongside of their loved ones on April 20th 2024. Their love story is a true testament to the power of faith, patience, acceptance and shared values.

For all the days along the way
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