Athena & Robert


We’re Getting Married!


Athena kochilaris


Robert Pitt

May 31, 2024

Greenfield, NH
180 days180 d8 hours8 h22 minutes22 min21 seconds21 s

There and Back Again: A Wedding Tale

Our story, like many of the great adventure stories, begins in a tavern, if one can call five friends gathered around the dining room table in Robert's parents' house a tavern. It was there, over the clacking of dice and the fraught tales of dungeons and of dragons that we first fell for each other. Though before we could take the first step on our journey together, we were tragically separated, as the pressures of work hours and requited unrequited crushes forced us to part. However, we would soon be reunited, and it was there that we began our adventure in earnest. And so, from a night of movies and dining we set forth, though we were still separated by an hour on the road. Shortly after, we celebrated our first Christmas, our first Valentines day, our first anniversary. And then, after a trip up into and through the mountains, we made plans to begin the next step in our journey. There, huddled together after the campfire had died down outside, we made plans to move in together. After months of shopping around, we purchased our first home together, moving to Manchester to start a party of our own. This small party soon grew to include three cats, Murphy, Mochi, and Turnip, as well as our beloved dog child, Cindy Lou Who. But a shadow was on the horizon, and we would begin the most fraught portion of our adventure. In Manchester, we survived multiple job changes and a global pandemic together, drawing on each other's strength to push through the struggles of our newly established home. These struggles, however, only deepened our relationship and so one day, by the lakeside at our favorite park, to a chorus of ducks, Robert proposed to Athena, and she said yes. The long countdown to our wedding day had begun. Our adventure continued. And so, like many a great tale, we came home again, moving to Amherst and nearer to Athena's family. Together we took up gardening, redecorated, changed jobs again, every day growing closer together. And we began the business of planning this long awaited party. But just because we have settled, does not mean the adventure is over. For as it has been said, the road goes ever, ever on....

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