Ashlyn & Addison


We’re getting married!


Addison Carr


Ashlyn Dunne

August 30, 2023

Bonney Lake, WA

How we met and our proposal!

Addison: We met in January of 2017! I remember thinking wow this girl is beautiful and so funny. We used to go out late at night and drive around for hours with nowhere to go, just killing time and being with each other. We had plenty of late nights in Seattle, walking all around near the space needle and getting to know each other better. I asked her out in August of 2017 in the most corny way, similar to that of an early 2000’s prom proposal with a poster with the lyrics to my favorite song. After a few years, in August of 2020, I finally asked her to marry me at sunset on a windy beach in Oregon. That to date is the happiest day of my life. Ashlyn: I can be a little bit of a rambler, so bear with me here! I remember the day Addison and I met, I knew we were going to have something special. We met through a mutual friend, and got each other’s numbers so we could hang out again. I remember he invited me to go jet skiing with him and some of his work friends, and I brought one of my friends with me because I was nervous to be around so many new people. I am definitely the introvert in our relationship! For a little while I played hard to get, but when he asked me out I couldn’t say no! Since then, I have gotten to be apart of some of his favorite hobbies, such as dirtbiking and hunting. We got our first apartment together in July of 2019. In April of 2020 we got our first puppy, Axell, who we love more than words could possibly describe. You will get to see him at our wedding! Almost exactly a year later, in May 2021, we got Axell a kitty sister! We named her Nala, and you wouldn’t believe the love they have for each other. Then in August of 2022, we got another Girl kitten who we named Delilah. Growing our little fur family has been the best! Onto the proposal…. at the end of August 2020, Addison proposed while we were enjoying the sunset on the beach! I honestly stood there shocked and couldn’t believe it. We like to go on vacations once a year around the time we started dating, and that’s definitely the best vacation i’ve been on!

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