Ashly & Kody








September 14, 2024

Louisville, KY
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Retail Love Connection

Kody met Ashly in October 2017 at the Meijer on Dixie. It wasn’t love at first sight but Kody thought she was pretty. The days passed into months and one day Ashly was approached by Kody’s LP partner, and was asked if she had a boyfriend. Ashly said no and asked why. Ashly was asked what she thought of Kody. Ashly never really thought about Kody other than he was cute and a little young. At that moment, Kody walked around the corner and he knew they were talking about him. Over the next couple of days, Kody finally worked up the courage to talk to Ashly and exchange numbers. Now the story turns complicated after their first date a couple of months later. Kody wasn’t ready for a serious relationship like Ashly was and there was an eight year age gap. They decided to stay friends but their relationship moved back and forth for a couple of years until Ashly took another job with Grainger and said her goodbyes in August 2019. Kody was so used to seeing Ashly everyday that now that he couldn’t see her, he really started to miss her. Kody reached back out to Ashly in November and wanted to reconnect. Ashly didn’t want to go backwards anymore and told him either it was time to commit or they were finally over. Now, Kody was ready and asked Ashly to be his girlfriend. Of course, Ashly made him wait before she said yes 2 days before Christmas. After that, they were well onto a serious relationship. Kody and Ashly moved in together in September 2020 and in November they were gifted with the news of a baby coming soon. Jaxson was born in June 2021. After another move and settling in to parent life, they were blessed again with news of another baby boy. Kody and Ashly decided to do a family maternity photoshoot in December 2022 where Kody surprised Ashly with a ring. Kody had worked with the photographer to get the right shot. Ashly said YES! Shortly after, Gunner was born in January 2023 and the rest is history….

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