October 28, 2023
Longview, Texas

Ashley Megan & Taylor Jackson



Taylor Jackson Bogue


Ashley Megan Allen




October 28


How We Met

First friends, then something more

We met each other during our time at Spring Hill ISD and became friends during theater class in high school. We could always talk to one another about anything; and supported each other through ups and downs. There was always something there between us even as kids and knew that our friendship was special. We stayed connected after high school and college; as time passed, our lives took us to different places. No matter how long it had been since the last time we spoke or saw one another; it seemed as though no time at all had gone by. Friendship grew into a deep care for one another and soon we both realized it had blossomed into love. You could say we were bewitched by each other, or it was written in the cards. Either way we are crazy about each other and can't wait to be married!

The Engagement

The surprise of a lifetime

Surprise is an understatement for our proposal. We were enjoying the celebration of Taylor's sister, Chelsea, getting married to her husband, Lane, in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a first for us to go on a big vacation and we were having a great time. It was the surprise I, Megan, never saw it coming when the family was asked to pose for pictures on the night of Chelsea and Lane's rehearsal dinner. The photographer pulled the both of us aside and had me turn around and face the ocean. The whole time I was thinking to myself why the photographer was focusing on taking photos of Taylor and I when everyone was celebrating Chelsea and Lane. Then I heard Taylor ask me to turn around; he was on one knee on the sandy beach. It was quite the shock! Taylor said "I wanna make this legit" quoting one of our favorite TV series that we spend time watching together. And, of course, I said "Yes!".

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