Natalie & Ashley


We're getting married!


Ashley Westfall


Natalie Vazquez

September 29, 2023

Chicago, IL

How We Met


We met online, on a dating app. We instantly felt a connection, talking day and night non stop. However, there was one thing...we lived in two completely different states. Illinois and Indiana. That didn't stop us however, we started talking March 15th and met each other in real person on April 23rd. Ashley was taking a field trip with her Chinese class to China Town in CHICAGO, Natalie didn't realize at the time that there wasn't a china town in Indiana. As soon as Natalie figured it out, she left her class early and took a train to meet Ashley during her field trip. 6 days later, Natalie asked Ashley in the pouring rain, if she would be her girlfriend and the rest is history..

The Proposal


We have always joked around how we would never propose on our anniversary or birthday or in a big group setting. However, that wasn't the case on our 5 year anniversary. I, Ashley, had a little surprise up my sleeve. I planned on proposing to Natalie at Starved Rock, however with surprise photographers. It was the morning of the proposal, I, Ashley, was stressing all morning hoping the day would be perfect and Natalie was wanting the day to be super chill and take our time to go hiking. We finally got to Starved rock, about 45 minutes later than planned and we slowly made our way to the spot I (Ashley) had planned with the photographers. When we got to the spot, there were two people taking a picture with their dog. I, Ashley, told Natalie "Want to take a picture? Let's ask someone. Just one, please" and Natalie suggested the people with the dog. However, that's not who I wanted. I told Natalie no and went to ask someone else *the secret photographer* and Natalie was like "What just happened" in her head. The "random" person took our photo, Natalie turned around and it was perfect..I got down on one knee and proposed. Natalie was shocked and processing everything, she was completely caught off guard. We then spent the rest of the day taking engagement photos and celebrated dinner that night.

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