Ashley & Marc


We're Getting married!


Marc Adams


Ashley O'Neil

September 28, 2024

Holyoke Log Cabin, Holyoke, MA
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The Story of Us

We found love at Westfield State...two years later..

Ashley and Marc both went to Westfield State University. They attended the same parties, lived in the same apartment tower, had the same friends and even student taught at the same school! But it wasn't until Covid when they reconnected. It all started with a quick, "How do you like working in Springfield? I'm applying to a job in that district" and the rest was history. Messages turned to meet ups, meet ups turned to dates and here they are ready to say "I do!"

Some of our Favorite Dates

It's pretty clear to figure out who planned what...

Whether it was watching Marc actively play hockey, baseball or golf, or a professional athlete, Ashley had never watched so much sports in her life. Between Yard Goat games, Wolf Pack games, MLB games, countless rounds of golf and trips to the driving range, Ashley found enjoyment in the action...and the stadium snacks! Fun fact, when Ashley was wedding dress shopping, the consultant asked her what she thought Marc expected to see. She responded, "Well, Marc literally just called me asking if I wanted to go to a Yard Goats game tonight, even though he knows I am wedding dress shopping right now. I don't think he has any expectations, except that it will be a white dress". Meanwhile, Marc had been brought along on hundreds of walks, with and without their feisty Jack Russel Lily. Plus countless playdates with four nephews and a niece. Marc also quickly learned about Ashley's profound love for ice cream. All. Year. Round.