Collin & Ashley


Collin Smith


Ashley Greever

French Camp


September 30

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Our Story

Once upon a time in a far away land called “The Wheel” two strangers, Collin and Ashley, stumbled upon one another…. Well more like Collin stumbled. His eyes caught hers and all he knew was he had to make a move. However the move consisted of jumping in her car at 2am and persisting for her to follow their friends to a distant magical place called Taco King. While all this was happening he still couldn’t take his eyes off her… they had their late night dinner and Ashley was determined to get rid of this guy but Collin was dedicated to figuring more out about her. She drove him to his friends house and he knew the time was now. So he gathered the courage up and asked her out… “well I just wanted to say that I find you to be extremely gorgeous and would love to take you out sometime.” Where Ashley was caught off guard and replied, “nah, I’m not really into white guys.” Collin chuckled and said “oh well, I just had to ask.” He proceeded to thank her as he exited her car and they said their goodbyes, but Collin knew he was going to marry that girl… They went their separate ways for a little while. But eventually with time, patience and of course perseverance, they found their way to each other. They dated for 4 years, Collin stopped being stupid asked her to marry him and here they are….