Andy & Ashley

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“We Decided on Forever”

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Andrew John Czyrnik


Ashley Nicole Holeva

June 22, 2024

Big Run, PA
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How Did We Meet!!


So for those of you that don’t already know Andy used to be a merchandiser for Pepsi Co. and Ashley worked at Punxsy Walmart where Andy used to come every Friday and Saturday and occasionally throughout the week. Ashley’s one friend used to talk to Andy quite frequently. Ashley kept asking her friend who Andy was, however her friend refused to tell her. So all Ashley knew was his name was Andy and he worked for Pepsi; that’s it. Ashley didn’t know any other information about him so she took it upon herself to look on her friends Facebook page where she later found Andy, and his profile where she later sent him a friend request. So in the next couple days Ashley just let it go. On the evening of December 31 2020, Andy had sent Ashley a message. At first Ashley didn’t know what to think when Andy sent her the first message. Ashley thought it might have been a mistake, but Ashley wasn’t even expecting Andy to accept her friend request let alone send her a message. Ashley answered Andy’s very first message on December 31 2020 at 6:25 p.m which read “ Hey! I just saw you sent me this ☺️”. Andy later replied with “Did you mean to send it or were you drunk.” As days went on Andy and Ashley started talking to each other pretty frequently throughout the days and nights along with talking to each other in Walmart while he was merching and Ashley was working. They talked for almost 2 weeks before Andy asked Ashley to be his girlfriend on January 10 2021, one day before Ashley’s 21st birthday.

Our Engagement Story!!


A couple days prior to Saturday May 20, Ashley was scrolling Facebook and saw an ad for some hard mtn dew. Ashley had told Andy about it and that they should get some and try it. Well the state of PA didn’t have it yet. So the morning of Saturday May 20 they got up early and went on a 2 hour road trip to Ohio. Before they left the house Andy was acting all weird. Andy had wanted to wear this sweatshirt that he absolutely dislikes because he thinks it’s a girls and it’s to big. That kept throwing Ashley off cause she was confused as to why he wanted to wear it out somewhere, whenever he doesn’t even where it around the house. When they first got to Ohio the first thing they did was went searching for this hard mtn dew. After going at least 2 different places they finally found this Mountain Dew at a Giant Eagle. After that they had went to a botanical garden where Ashley thought they were just going to sightsee and adventure. Whenever they had gotten to the botanical garden they had went into the visitors center. While in the center using the restrooms, Andy kept his hand in his pocket like he was up to no good. They continued to walk around the garden a couple of times taking pictures of different flowers that weren’t quite bloomed yet. After the third time of walking around the garden they finally decided they were ready to leave and go on there 2 hour car ride back home. Right before they were ready to leave Andy and Ashley stopped in front of the water fountain that was at the entrance and Ashley took one last video and said “ okay let’s go”. Right at that moment is whenever Andy said hold on a minute and that’s whenever Andy got down on one knee and had popped the question. At first Ashley didn’t know what to think. Ashley definitely was surprised and just about in tears. Ashley then kept telling Andy to get up cause she didn’t want people to see that Andy was down. After that they had walked back to the car where Andy had called his parents letting them know that Ashley had said yes, and Ashley had called her parents letting them know what had happened not knowing that Ashley’s dad and Andy’s mom had already knew what the plan was.

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