Hannah Arndt & Zach Lankton

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We are getting married!


Zach Lankton


Hannah Arndt

September 14, 2024

Estes Park, CO
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How We Met


We both had a job working at the neighborhood Walmart. I remember the first day working with Zach I thought wow, he is really handsome. I didn’t have the courage to say hi at first. We worked together for a few days and then one night our manager put us on registers next to each other. It was not a busy night so I started making small talk with him. It felt like the conversation just got more engaging with every new topic we talked on. We kept finding things in common and even started poking fun at one another. We talked that whole shift and even after we clocked out. I Never thought it could be so much fun working at Walmart after that nor did I think it would be where we would find our forever person.

The Proposal


After 6 years of being together Hannah started to lose some hope that Zach would ever propose. Hannah planned a trip to Yellowstone to celebrate 6 years being together. On day 5/25/23 of this trip Zach took Hannah to see the Mammoth hot springs and just past that was the most breath taking views of valleys and mountain ranges. It was a cold day however so Hannah didn't want to stay out long she wanted to be in the warm car. Zach begged Hannah to get out of the car and enjoy the views with him and reluctantly she got out and looked with him for a few more minutes. She had decided shed wait one more minute and then her butt was getting back in the heated car. He again begged her to get out of the car and If anyone knows Hannah she is pretty stubborn she did not want to get out. He opened the car door sighs and says well, I didn't wanna do it like this but its pretty on brand for us. Then he got on that knee and asked if she would marry him. Of course Hannah said yes.