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November 4, 2023

Tortola, British Virgin Islands

How We Met

First comes packages, then comes love.

We met at my former job UPS (Romasco Shipping), it was definitely not love at first sight; well at least not for me. Charles knew from the moment he saw me that I would be his wife; or so he says (We'll really never know the truth). It was the year he moved to the BVI, he joined our young adult group at church and started looking through the contacts to see if he could recognize anyone. That's when he saw my display picture; he set his eyes on me and was determined to find me. I guess faith was on his side because a couple of months later he was at my office trying to send a package out. This initial meeting turned into him actively pursuing me. As he saw it as a sign that we really belonged together. It wasn't easy for him though as I was in a relationship and not looking for a thing on the side. Nevertheless, he persisted he decided that if just being friends was the way to my heart then that's what he would do. So he set out to be a part of my friend list and after months of trying he eventually made it on the list. Fast forward a couple years and here we are, great friends, in love, and ready to finish this journey together.

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