Arianna & Daniel



Arianna Likouris


Daniel Repka

November 11


How We Met

Souvlaki in Chianti

6:00am. October 17, 2015. Florence, Italy. Santa Maria Novella train station. The cold rain forced the students inside while they queued. They grumbled and complained, waiting and waiting to get a wristband placed on them, proving that they paid their hard-earned 20 euros. The holdup was a 25 year old with shaky hands, who was racking his brain trying to figure out how to politely tell his boss that his fly was unzipped. Face after face passed Danny, everyone accepting the wristbands like they were sloppy joes in the lunchroom of a grade school. Well, almost everyone. Mindlessly, as Danny worked his line-managing magic, one girl snapped him out of his trance. "Um, don't you think this is a little tight?" she said with bright red hair swinging over her face. Danny looked up, making eye contact with his future wife for the first time. The only issue was that he was met with a stare that looked like she'd pay money to be anywhere other than standing right in front of his inept self. Danny fidgeted with the wristband, and after 5 minutes, with some help from his boss (fly still down), Arianna was finally able to move through the queue and onto the bus. The trip continued. After a bus trip and a quick pitstop at a cafe, the group convened in Chianti. The trip itself was a walking tour through wine country. It was a hike that started at the base of a large trail that led directly upwards through a sea of grapes and olives. It took all of 15 minutes for Danny to realize that his job that day would be shepherding Arianna and her friends. Almost immediately, they were 50 yards behind the rest of the group, stopping to take pictures next to signs that said "No." They laughed at the sign way longer than it was funny (still not funny). But because they were so far removed from everyone else, Danny was able to talk to them and get to know them. They admitted making fun of him at the cafe earlier because, in their words, he described what iPhone he had to his boss (fly STILL down) as if he was talking to a toddler, overly enunciating every single world. "Ittttt'sss annnn IPHONNEEEE 6 plussssss." The rest of the trip went much more smoothly. They had lunch at a villa, comprised of cheese, wine, and more cheese. Danny was finally able to talk to Arianna one-on-one. Aside from her accidentally making fun of a club owned by his boss, it felt like they had known each other for years, not minutes. Later that night, Danny smoothly asked Arianna for her Facebook. The plan was for her and her friends to join him at the grand re-opening of a bar in Florence. There may have been a brief incident with tear gas outside the venue, but other than that, it went without a hitch. Danny and Arianna ended the evening watching Spongebob, which was oddly revealing for how the rest of their lives would unfold. It's been one adventure after another ever since. But with fewer unzipped flys and much more love.

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