May 7, 2022
Indianapolis, in

Amy & Michael

    Enjoy some Hoosier Hospitality!
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Enjoy some Hoosier Hospitality!

The Wedding Website of Amy Areddy and Michael Hedges
We hope this list gives you a few ideas on how to spend your time in Indy!

Mass Ave - Food, Drinks, and Shops

So many great shops and restaurants along Mass Ave! Easy to walk and stop in for a drink or a bite anywhere! Some of my favorites are Union 50, Bru Burger Bar, and Ball and Biscuit!

Indianapolis Zoo

1200 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222
, (317) 630-2001

If you have time, the Zoo is always fun! We love the Orangutans!

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

1230 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202
, (317) 631-1888

Check out the home of the 23rd President!

Fountain Square

Excellent Restaurants in this area! Bluebeard is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Indy! Like Mass Ave, there are tons of restaurants and bars in Fountain square!

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail

132 West Walnut Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
, (317) 653-1948

Rent a bike and ride around to see some of Indy's best spots!

Monument Circle

Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana has the most monuments and memorials outside of Washington DC. Check some out! PS, you can see the ADMIRAL RAYMOND A. SPRUANCE MEMORIAL BASIN from our wedding venue!

One America Mini Marathon

May 7th is the Mini Maration which kicks off the events in May leading up to the Indianapolis 500! Some of the streets may be blocked off throughout the day but should be done by noonish!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

4750 West 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222
, (317) 492-6784

Check out the museum which honors my (Amy's) FAVORITE event every year!

Slippery Noodle Inn

372 South Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
, (317) 631-6974

Indiana’s Oldest Bar Est. 1850. Stop in for a drink and listen to some blues!

St. Elmo Steak House

127 Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
, (317) 635-0636

Famous for its HOT shrimp cocktail. Joey Chestnut can handle it, can you???? Load up your shrimp and try! 🥵🥵

Bottleworks District

850 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204
, (317) 548-2001

Sitting in the North Mass Ave corridor, one of Indianapolis' four original diagonals, the BOTTLEWORKS DISTRICT is a fusion of past and present in the heart of historic neighborhoods, robust arts, industrial architecture & good spots galore. With food options, bowling, and a hotel - a great spot to walk around and enjoy the sites!! Learn the cool history of the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant here!!! https://www.bottleworksdistrict.com/history

Sun King Brewery

135 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202
, (317) 602-3702

Indy's biggest (and first?) of the micro-breweries that started popping up in the last 15-ish years. Right downtown - it's a great place to grab a pint!

Milktooth - Breakfast and Brunch

534 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203
, (317) 986-5131

Looking for an interesting brunch?! Consistently Indy's contribution to national lists of "best restaurants," Milktooth is not your average bacon and eggs, but they call themselves a "fine diner." That's as good a description as any!!

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