Austin & Breana









April 22, 2023

Fort Worth, TX
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How the Andrews Adventures Began

Hi everybody, We're Austin & Breana! We met through a dating app, & decided to meet that same day. Once we met it was an INSTANT connection. We shared laughs, found out a lot about each other through sharing our stories & experiences. I (Austin) learned that Breana's dad (Chris) was also a truck driver, & that she understood the mindset & sacrifices drivers go through. For me that was rare, coupled with how sweet and genuine Breana is every single day I knew not long into our relationship that I had found someone truly special in her. I (Breana) knew Austin was the one for me when we instantly connected on our first date. We sat and talked for about an hour, before we decided to continue talking outside of the restaurant for 3 more hours! I had never felt so comfortable with someone before. After that night I couldn't get the connection we shared off of my mind, and not long after, I knew that he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! Once we found out that we had so much in common, our relationship progressed fast. One day, we went up to my (Austin's) job & we sat in my truck for a minute & I showed her around the yard. Next thing you know, Breana threw out the idea of how cool it’d be to go over the road and see the country together before we got too settled down & had a family one day. A couple short weeks later we had made up our minds that we were going to do exactly that! I packed up, and headed to Missouri to get that dream started. Six short weeks later, we were ready to rock n’ roll. We saw the majority of the country as a team, loving every new adventure we came across. CURRENT DAY: We got engaged October 15th 2022, & Today we find ourselves settled in our new apartment, in Roanoke. We both got new jobs! Breana decided to return to the veterinary field. I stayed in the transportation industry with a change to Transportation manager, instead of as a driver. We are incredibly excited for what the future holds and trust in Gods plan along this journey of life! 1 John 4:16 "And so we know & rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them."