Luis & Mallory

We’re getting married!


Luis Alberto Salinas


Mallory Kirsten Valle


November 18, 2023

Montgomery, TX
230 days230 d31 minutes31 min15 seconds15 s

Our Story

Luis and Mallory met in February 2020. Their first date was at Common Bond Bistro & Bakery. After breakfast, they went shopping on West 19th street and Luis took Mallory to a record store to look for vinyls. (What a keeper!) They went on many more dates such as The Museum of Fine Arts, Drive-In movie theater, friends group trip to Galveston, and of course all the best restaurants in Houston. They went on vacations to San Antonio, Texas, Destin, Florida, Salem and Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California. They both enjoy spending time with their families, watching their daughter Lilianna perform in her school’s orchestra, having game night with friends, and cooking new recipes. Luis and Mallory got engaged in November 2022 with the blessing of their parents and the love and support of their daughter. They share a beautiful white cat named Sans.