Mai & Antavis


Antavis Moore


Mai Ferrell

September 23, 2023

Hendersonville, TN
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How we met

I was a freshman at Haywood High and he a Junior. We were in a keyboarding class and I can remember the day he walked in. All I could do was stare. I found him to be SOO CUTE!! I remember talking about him to one of my friends and she gave me a hard time. We never got a chance to date because we moved to Jackson and didn't tell anyone. We just left...and he had no idea. Fast forward to 2010, I have moved back to TN from Utah and was perusing the Facebooks streets one afternoon. I saw the name, "Antavis Moore". I thought to myself, "is that THE Antavis Moore?" Well, I sent a message...and the rest is history. We have talked everyday since that first conversation and I'm so glad that he's asked for my hand in marriage. Doing life with him has been such an honor and I was content with that. Becoming his wife is icing on the cake.

First Date Vibes

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, he told me to get dressed so we could head out to spend some time together. I immediately wanted to reject the idea. I was tired, I didn't want to put a bra on...so I asked could I dress down. You know, let me be dusty for the day. He IMMEDIATELY rejected that and told me to "put some clothes on". We headed out to spend some time at the National Museum of African American Music. That place is ALWAYS a good time. After looking at all the exhibits, we headed to dinner at FIREBIRDS in Brentwood. We had a good dinner...as we always do when we go there and we laughed and talked. Ironically enough, I was talking so much smack about a ring. I knew he'd bought one...and I know he's very methodical and intentional. But I was growing to accept that he was going to bury the ring with me. Our server brought out a complimentary dessert. I was so confused and you know I started asking questions. He was so smooth and came up with an answer that I was sufficient for me. He then asked Bud for his phone to capture the moment. I started smiling at the camera and I thought Bud was going to come over by me. NOPE! I realized it was a video. and I heard him say in a very DMX voice, "Sooooo..." I look at him and he's down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage and the whole time, the server was videoing the moment. I WAS SO SURPRISED! And it's not easy to surprise me. He did good...and OF COURSE I SAID "YES!"