Anna & Ryan

Ryan Nguyen


Anna Dinh

March 10, 2023

Richmond, VA

How we met

We met at bible study back in college when I (Anna) was a freshman and Ryan was a sophomore. It was my second week of college and I had not made many friends yet, so when a handsome young man (Ryan) invited me to join the campus christianity club for bible study I could not refuse! I ended up attending bible study that night, and when I heard Ryan speak about God and faith I was instantly intrigued as I had yet to find someone who was so connected to christianity. I was, of course, too shy to say anything at the time, but luckily fate was on our side! It turns out we actually had English together that semester as well, and I worked up the courage after some time to ask if her wanted to study together... and he said yes!!! The more time we spent together, the more I fell for him! We would go to bible study and study together, my admiration for him only grew. Ryan was smart, kind, funny, generous, and more. After a few months of spending time together, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend after the last bible study of the semester. That was 5 years ago. Ryan has been the man I have prayed for, and I am beyond excited to share my life with him.