Angelina & Nicholas

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Let’s Get Married!

Angelina Epsaro


Nicholas Torres

August 16, 2024

Hamburg, NJ
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How We Met


You might be wondering, “what’s the juicy romantic story on how they met?” But truthfully, we met at both of our first jobs in one of the largest shopping centers in the country with lots of annoying customers and working for a store that is tightly ran and has no attraction to teens. What can be said is that we found love through a friendship. A friendship so strong that has built a foundation to our journey to forever.

The Proposal


In the midst of getting ready for our upcoming cruise, Nick encouraged Andy to initiate a group Saturday trip to Bushkill Falls, PA. The text went out and Angelina had thought that’s going to be a lot the day before we leave for a cruise but let’s do it. Angelina did think it was kind of a random trip but went along with it and so did Nicholas. Nicholas felt the need to get a new outfit for the hike as he typically does when we have plans. We went to the store and got him a new outfit which was a nice outfit considering we were only hiking. The cousins came up the night before the hike and we all got to spend time together. We laughed and enjoyed each others company as we always do. Saturday morning comes and Nicholas is full of energy. He’s running around, jumping on the bed, and just super excited. He is giggly and overall in a really good mood. Nicholas kept stressing over the diaper bag. We couldn’t forget baby Ryan’s diaper bag because Steven and Angely needed it back. We begin the hike and arrive to the biggest waterfall Bushkill has and Andy wanted to take pictures. Angelina asked Nicholas to take pictures together and he said I think we are doing a group photo. Angelina got frustrated with Nicholas because he never wants to take a photo. Nicholas says “fine we can take some photos” and after a few photos he says let’s take one looking at the waterfall so we did and he asked for a kiss for the camera. Photos are done and Angelina begins to walk away when Nicholas decides to grab Angelina and says wait and Angelina was wondering why she was being pulled when she was trying to continue the hike. Nicholas starts talking and shortly after Angelina realized what was about to happen. Right before her is Nicholas on one knee and a whole row of cheerleaders recording and capturing the moment while standing on slippery rocks. Sure enough, Nicholas in fact did not forget the diaper bag and the diaper bag was not only used for Baby Ryan but also a future Mrs. Torres. Safe to say that after overhearing a conversation between Nicholas and the ladies in Hoboken, the romantic dinner and bubbles that my mom supposedly pre -booked for us on the cruise, and finally the jewelers billing statement that came in the mail the night before Nicholas proposed, she still was taken off guard and didn’t expect him to get down on one knee the Saturday we went for a hike with the cousins. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you at Crystal Springs!

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