Angela & Cody


Angela Mayer


Cody Olszewski

September 16, 2023

Hartford, Wisconsin

How did we meet?

We met on the dating app Bumble. Our first date was at Uncle Larry’s Rustic Inn where we shared burgers for dinner and then drove around listening to music and sharing stories getting to know each other. The next morning our initial plans got rained out, so instead we went to brunch, and the rest is history.

When did you get engaged?

February 12, 2022. Cody proposed while we were at home at our old apartment Valentine’s Day weekend.

What’s some of your favorite things to do together?

We love to go golfing together, finding and trying new brunch spots, and spending quality time with family. Our newest favorite thing to do is spending our time with our sweet daughter, Eloise.

Have you gone on any trips together?

Yes! After 1 month of dating we took a road trip on a Saturday to Lexington, KY for a Muscadine Bloodline concert, just to drive back to WI that Sunday morning. We’ve also gone on trips up to our family cabins a few times to sightsee in the north woods and UP, and took a family trip to South Dakota for a week.

What’s your greatest adventure?

Becoming parents together and raising our daughter. ❤️ Also buying our house and working to make it a home together with fixing it up and making it our own.

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