May 26, 2019

Angel & Adrian


Were finalky getting married!

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Adrian Johnson


Angel Ziegele

May 26


How we met

November 2, 2015

So I was getting together one day with some friends of mine, Hannah, Brittany, and Haily, and of course we were talking about guys. Since they were just here for a visit from Mississippi, they were talking about people from their home that they might have liked. And I got the question to say if they knew anybody for me down there. They said they might know somebody, but they weren't sure if he was around my age or not. We found him on Facebook and I sent him a friend request, I really liked his picture. He sent back a message to Hannah asking who I was, he accepted my friend request, but when I looked at his profile page, I noticed he was dating someone so we didn't talk. But on November 2, he sent me a message on Facebook, wanting to talk, and we've been talking ever since.

A Major Change

August 2016

So after dating long distance for a while, we started talking about getting together, August seemed like a good time to get together. I told him about Cowboy Camp Meeting and Adrian really wanted to go, because it sounded like fun. Plus we could go to Roaring Springs with Pathfinders during that time as well. So we made plans, he was visiting family and rode the greyhound to Idaho at the beginning of August. We were all looking forward to seeing him. This month remains special because it was the first month we saw each other and spent time together. A little note here, he was actually going to just visit, then return home, as you know, this ended being more than a visit. He ended up staying and I have absolutely love having him here!

An adventure awaits

Spring 2017

Again, at this time of year, we thought is was just going to be a visit, we went through a lot of changes, work, Pathfinders, his parents bringing stuff down to Adrian. Adrian was living at my Grandparents during this time. There was the solar eclipse that happened, the fair, graduations, weddings, and lots of field trips with my grandparents. We had lots of adventure this year. This year, we were still trying to get know each other, and trying to figure out where this relationship was heading.

Adjusting to change

Spring 2018

We loved being together, the problem was that we had a hard time figuring out what to do. I wanted to stay in Caldwell, and he was homesick. So in 2018, he took a trip at the end of May, going into the beginning of June, to Mississippi. We were both working, this year was hard but a happy one, we loved being together but we were trying to figure out where are hearts were. We both loved each other. Times were hard at this year, but we managed to pull through, with the help of God. We thank God every day for this year, for helping us get through it.

A Happy Day!

December 25, 2018

I finally figured out why there a bunch of secrets going on Christmas Eve. You see, I had all this planned on Christmas Eve, because he was working on Christmas Eve last year, and I was looking forward to this day. So I had everything planned, and on Christmas Eve, he decided to run off. What I didn't know he was doing was planning for engagement. He had to wait on Christmas Eve to buy stuff for the engagement because that's when he got paid. But I was still mad at him for ditching me when I was looking forward to it. So what happened is that he made plans for a friend to take me to help choose a present for her boyfriend on Christmas. I did not want to go, because on Christmas, after Adrian came over and we opened up presents, he left me to take a cousin to her boyfriends house. Of course I did not want him to leave, but he left anyways. I got dressed up for Christmas, and it was really nice outside, being that it's December. I got picked up to go with my friend, I was blindfolded, my door was open and was led out down the path with music playing in the background by Adrian. When the blindfold was taken off, the shells spelt down on the ground, "marry me." When he got down on one knee, I burst into tears and said yes.

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