Aneri & Yash






July 23, 2023

Voorhees, NJ
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Our Story

Ever heard of a love story that blossomed through a virtual board game? Aneri and Yash’s story is the one to read. They met when the times were uncertain and the world had come to a standstill. Little did they know this would be a blessing in disguise. Yash went to NYU and Aneri went to Rutgers. If it were not for COVID and a common friend, they would have never jumped on for a virtual game and you wouldn’t be reading this story today. They had a lot of long nights when they were competing to win the game, not knowing they would be winning each others hearts instead. After months of lockdown and frequent FaceTime calls, they finally happened to meet in person. With all the guidelines followed, they made sure to meet outdoors and what better place than a beach on a beautiful August evening. That’s when they had their first date. When Yash met with Aneri that day, he knew she was the one for him. And for Aneri, it was the most comfortable and never ending conversation. The rest is history. When many grew apart, they came closer than ever, and today, they are here to celebrate one of the biggest days in their lives. Here’s to the pandemic love story!