Andrea & Timothy



Timothy Imhoff


Andrea Belanger


Terra Alta


August 26

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HighSchool Sweet Hearts?

We met in our computer class in Highschool. I was a Sophomore, he was a junior. Our friend Dalton was trying to get us together as Dalton and I had classes together. Lol! We both went out on dates, but we just didn’t think it was meant to be. One year later, summer of 2018 Timothy and Dalton were at a Sheetz, and both came up to my car in the parking lot, and talked to me. They like to mess around and kept putting my shutting my side mirrors and flipping up my wipers. I messaged Dalton later on and asked for Timothy’s Snapchat! Timothy and I proceeded to hang out again! We’re both shy, at least timothy it’s hard for him to make a first move. (Sorry) Tim and I had our first date at Funland playing mini golf, he did an iconic move and tried to show me hot to put the ball 😂 then we went to hoovaters, and my friend had a bonfire that night. After many times we hanged out, I met the family and the family dog Dixie, who protected timothy at all costs!! Timothy asked me to be his girlfriend!! It took us 4 months to say I Love you, but things should start slow right? I still learn more and more everyday about Tim and how he thinks. Four years later I still fall in love with that smile. Many ups and downs, but the past couple of years I couldn’t ask for a better dog daddy and soon to be husband! He takes care of me, shows me how a woman should be treated.