Anaïs & Yohann

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Anaïs Kermoal


Yohann Offredo

March 31

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How we met

High school sweethearts? Not quite...

Anaïs and Yohann grew up in the same town, but just missed each other. Yohann was a grade above Anaïs and by the time she made it to high school, Yohann had been sent away to military school. At 14 years old, they met through a mutual friend during one of his visits to their hometown. They quickly discovered they were both French and made a pact to "go clubbing in Paris" one day together. Fast forward 4 years into the friendship and they both happened to be in France at the same time! They went to club in Paris where they shared a kiss, and started dating a week later at a music festival in France.

The Proposal

Will you handstand- I mean, Marry me?

Yohann was hosting a calisthenics competition in Utah when on the mic he made an announcement that he was going to perform a hard move, and that he needed his girlfriends help to do it. He called up Anaïs to the stage and that's when he got on one knee and asked her to marry him! We're surprised he didn't ask her whilst in a handstand...