Jillian & Ammon

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Ammon Jenkins


Jillian Durrant


September 23, 2023

Boise, ID

Wedding Reception Details

As you may have recognized, the date of the reception was not listed on the invite. The date is September 23rd!

Our Story

Whispers in the Woods

[Opening Theme Music Plays] [Scene: Rural Oregon. Agents Mulder and Scully arrive in a small town.] Mulder: Reports of a creature in the woods. Could be something unusual. Scully: Probably a hoax or misidentification, Mulder. [Ammon and Jillian share an instant connection in a cafe.] Mulder: Any strange happenings around here? Cafe Owner: People talk of a creature with glowing eyes. Scully: Sounds like local legend, not reality. [Ammon and Jillian bond over their belief in the supernatural.] Mulder: Footprints in the forest. Could be something more. Scully: Likely from an animal, Mulder. [Ammon and Jillian set out to find a hidden treasure.] Mulder: We found an abandoned cabin, but no creature. Scully: Sometimes the truth evades us, Mulder. [Ammon and Jillian discover a hidden cave.] Mulder: The unknown keeps us going, Scully. [Closing Theme Music Plays] [End of Episode] Jillian, a bright and witty woman, had a penchant for practical jokes and a contagious laughter that echoed through the office hallways. Ammon, on the other hand, was a bit more reserved, but his charm and dry humor had a way of winning over his colleagues' hearts. Their paths first crossed during a company-wide chili cook-off, where Jillian's adventurous taste buds led her to sample Ammon's infamous "Fire and Spice" chili. Little did she know that the delectable dish would ignite a spark between them. Their shared love for spicy food became the foundation of their bond, as they spent countless lunch breaks daring each other to try increasingly hotter dishes. As the days turned into weeks, their playful banter escalated, leaving a trail of pranks and good-natured humor in their wake. Office supplies mysteriously went missing, replaced with identical replicas made of Jell-O. Emails were "accidentally" sent to the entire company, exposing embarrassing typos and hilarious autocorrects. Yet, amidst the laughs and antics, there were subtle moments of connection. Jillian caught Ammon's gaze during a particularly tedious meeting, and in that instant, they discovered a shared understanding. It was as if they were speaking a language only they could understand, their eyes conveying more than words ever could. The turning point came during the office's annual "Dundie Awards" ceremony. Jillian and Ammon were nominated for separate categories, but as the night unfolded, their unspoken bond became undeniable. When Jillian won the award for "Best Prankster," she couldn't resist sharing the victory with Ammon. As she went on stage, she thanked him for being her partner in crime and dedicated her win to their mischievous adventures. From that moment on, their relationship took a more heartfelt turn. They no longer just shared laughter but also their dreams, fears, and aspirations. Their desks, once separated by cubicle walls, became a shared space filled with inside jokes, photos, and tokens of affection. As their love story blossomed within the quirky confines of Dunder Mifflin, it was clear to their coworkers that Jillian and Ammon were the perfect match. Their fellow employees couldn't help but root for them, secretly hoping for their happily ever after. And so, in the midst of paper sales, paper jams, and mundane office tasks, Jillian and Ammon found love, their story becoming an endearing tale amidst the chaos of "The Office," reminding everyone that even within the confines of a workplace, unexpected love can bloom in the most delightful and ordinary of places.

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