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We're Getting Married!

Amecia Starks


Irvin Edwards II


April 27, 2024

Monroe, NC

Just Two Artists

"Show me your portfolio. . ."

"Show me your portfolio" was the first thing Irvin said to Amecia after "Hi". After an annoyed eye roll and a tentative showcase of her portfolio, Irvin deemed Amecia an "acceptable" animator lol. It took some time, but he grew on her and she learned that he could be quite sweet despite his constant mad face lol. He can be overprotective, and she can be overly sensitive, but they wouldn't have it any other way, because one day of playing hookie from work was the beginning of their art and love together for a lifetime.

Our First "Official" Date

Amecia can be on the shy side at times. So how did she end up being the one to ask Irvin out on a date!? Easy. . . in the most straightforward, lowest pressure way possible. She asked him if he wanted to go eat after a dance shift at 1:30 am. She didn't have to worry about makeup because it was already on, didn't have to get dressed up because dance clothes was all she had, and if he was really interested, he'd agree to get out of bed to come see her. Lol. . .spoiler alert. He was waiting outside of Sax at 1.

We Don't Remember Our Dating Anniversary!

Don't Judge Us. . .

Our beginning stages were a whirlwind! We had so much going on and we just happened to be in a position of learning each other somewhat quickly (iykyk). Eventually one day, we were asked "when did ya'll start dating?". Lol we had no answer because we didn't know either! Well lucky us, we got to choose our dating anniversary. April 29, the day we played hookie from work to go see End Game.

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