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RSVPs are now closed. If you missed the deadline, you are still welcome to join us at 8:00 for dancing!

Amber & Ryan


We're finally getting married!

Curved Lines

Amber Muth


Ryan Beck

November 11, 2023

Sioux Falls, SD

Way Back When


Ryan and Amber first officially met in 7th Grade at West Central. They had a few classes together, and Ryan even complimented Amber's new hair color one day by the lockers. They soon became good classmates. One day, Amber needed help on a 7th Grade science review packet. She knew just who to ask! She texted Ryan asking for help with two problems. About a half-hour later, she gets a response... a HUGE response. Ryan had given Amber ALL of his answers. A few days later, Ryan texted Amber asking if she would be his girlfriend with lots of emoticons. Amber kindly turned him down. Until...

Freshman Year


Freshman year, Ryan and Amber had tons of classes together, plus homeroom. They were basically in the same room as each other 24/7. That's when Ryan started to put his "smooth" moves on Amber. He'd constantly flirt with her throughout the day for weeks on end. Amber started to think "Hey, this guy is so funny and nice." She developed a major crush on him after about two weeks of flirtatious exchanges back and forth. She was wondering if he even felt the same at all. So, she went sleuthing - straight to a source directly connected to Ryan. Jacob, one of Ryan's best friends. Jacob said he would find out on the bus. The next day, Jacob told Amber that Ryan did like her! But, Jacob didn't get the answer why he wouldn't ask Amber out. Jacob asked Ryan again on the bus, and Ryan said "Okay, I'll ask her out by like next week." Little did Ryan know, Jacob recorded that whole conversation and sent it to Amber. Amber waited, and waited each day that next week for Ryan to ask her to be his girlfriend. And? Nothing! He didn't do it. So, what did Amber go ahead and do the next week? She asked him out instead! Truly, the rest is history.

The "Yes" Day


One October week, Ryan was itching to go to the pumpkin patch to carve pumpkins with Amber in their new apartment. Amber, being stubborn, kept putting it off. They made a plan to go on Sunday, October 9th, 2022. Ryan and Amber go on dates often, but not usually ones like this. It kind of made Amber wonder... but she soon got her hopes up when Ryan found "the perfect" pumpkin within minutes of being at the patch. It took Amber another 45 minutes to find a good one. And? Nothing yet. Ryan and Amber went home to watch the Minnesota Vikings game versus the Chicago Bears. What a whirlwind game for Ryan to watch! But, the Vikings took the win which put Ryan in a great mood. That night, Ryan and Amber went to Sunday Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Becks and went home to carve pumpkins. After carving pumpkins, Ryan wanted to do a big reveal. Amber showed Ryan her attempt at some cute flowers which he was very supportive of even thought they just looked like a bunch of random circles. Next was Ryan's turn. Amber went over to grab his pumpkin, but Ryan was insisting that he get it himself. Amber jokingly said "What? Does it say something cheesy like 'I love you' or something?" Ryan asked Amber to close her eyes and in 3...2...1... Amber opened her eyes to Ryan standing with a pumpkin that was carved with the 7 of Hearts. At first, Amber was so confused. Then, Ryan got down on one knee and asked Amber to "officially" spend the rest of her life with him. Amber had been waiting so long for this day, she had to catch her breath before she could say "Yes!" a thousand times. The 7 of Hearts story goes back to college when Ryan actually had the ring. They were playing a heated game of cribbage, and Ryan said "Amber, if you pull the 7 of Hearts, I will propose." And what did Amber do? Pulled the 7 of Hearts! While Ryan's original proposal plans were changed due to COVID, Amber wouldn't change it for the world. But, she (along with other family members) still give him grief for keeping it for 2 years.

The Adventure Continues . . .


Ryan and Amber continued growing together through the remainder of their high school years and attended Black Hills State University together where they made so many memories and great friends. They have gone on numerous trips with family, friends, and even solo. Their current highlight trip was from December 2022 where they watched the Minnesota Vikings make NFL History by making the biggest comeback with a 33-point deficit. They continue to make amazing memories back at home in Sioux Falls closer to family and will say "I Do" 10 days after celebrating their 10-year dating anniversary.

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