Amani & Matthew

We’re really doing this thing!


Matthew St Jarre


Amani Trouant


September 9, 2023

Bethel, ME
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How we met


Matthew and I met the summer before our high school senior year. It was a Saturday night, we were on a double date, and it was not with each other… no, it actually was with each others friends (spoiler alert: those relationships didn’t work out). Over the next few months, it seemed like we were always at the same gatherings, and we slowly started to get to know each other as friends. Spring 2014 comes around, I have no prom date. Matthew has already been asked by multiple girls at this point. I decided, “What the heck? We have good conversation, he’s a good guy, let’s go as friends”. He immediately says yes. We went to Panera Bread for our first date. He picked me up in the Avalanche, we talked for hours, and then he takes me the LONGEST way home (I honestly thought he might be kidnapping me). It was the best night ever. Our next date was the very next day, and the rest is history.



Our day started with both of us taking a Friday off so we could spend a day together and go to Rockland. Amani had no idea there was a motive behind wanting to take this day off other than to spend a day together. We started our day heading towards the coast and first stopping at Morse’s Sauerkraut in Waldoboro. This is a great little market that we had always wanted to stop at and Amani was thrilled. We grabbed some great items including some phenomenal cheeses. On our trip down Route 1 we stopped into the Maine Prison Showroom, which was another spot we had always wanted to check out. It’s a great spot for affordable woodworking pieces. We found a gorgeous wood weaved hamper which we didn’t pull the trigger on. We then made our way down to Rockland where we first went to Home Kitchen Cafe for lunch. Amani got her favorite Veggie Reuben ever, it’s our favorite spot we have found in Rockland. We then ventured out from there to Owls Head to take in the gorgeous views. I had pondered popping the question at a gorgeous spot overlooking the ocean but chickened out due to the flow of people around. From there we went to the Rockland TJ Maxx because Amani cannot drive by one without stopping in. We checked out the hot deals before making our way to our last stop of the day. Beech Hill Preserve is a great hiking spot which provides a great view of the Rockland Harbor. We hiked up together to check out the great view and end our trip. While at the top of the hill, I was trying to find a good way to ask Amani to marry me, the sun disappeared behind the clouds. I was frustrated and wanted the sun out while asking, gotta have the ring shining! Once we found a nice spot to sit, I got on a knee and asked. Of course she said yes because here I am writing a bio about it.