Amanda & Joshua



Joshua Needham


Amanda Hauth

August 23, 2024

Mora, MN
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How We Met


Josh is a St. Paul police officer and Amanda was an Emergency Department Nurse at Regions in downtown St. Paul, MN. As you can imagine, police officers were in the ED a lot dropping off patients. However, this is not how the two met. Josh was on Facebook and looking for his next date when he stumbled across Amanda and thought she was pretty and that she was a nurse at Regions. So, what did Josh do?? He added Amanda to be his friend on Facebook and started talking to her on Facebook Messager. Amanda, seeing Josh was a St. Paul Police officer figured she had to have met he at some point when she was charge of the department and so she started talking to him. Amanda was on vacation for 2 weeks straight at this point with her 2 different favorite friend groups and was constantly talking to Josh. They both got to know each other over the 2 weeks, and it was not till near the end of her vacation that he said, "what department do you work in anyways?" Amanda knew right away that he had never met her but, she had already started falling for the guy! They met in person the first day Amanda was home in the middle of COVID so it was at his apartment. Amanda was so nervous that when she got out of the car, she kissed him right away. From that day forward, they have never been apart more than a few days!

The Proposal


In April of 2023, we all planned a family vacation to Florida for Josh's brother-in-law's 40th Birthday. Josh's family was all there and on the second day of the trip, we were all laying out on the beach enjoying the day. I did not notice that all the family started to come out at all. I was just sitting in the sand with my feet in the water with Autumn (Josh's sister) beside me. It was not however, unusual for Josh to be metal detecting all down the beach as this is all he did while we were in the Bahamas. Well, he came up to me with Rowynn (Josh's Neice) and showed me this ring that he found, which was fake and planted by his mother to distract me which totally worked. Well, when I looked over, Josh was down on one knee on in the sand as asked me to marry him. It was automatic tears and a standing ovation from everyone on the beach and of course I said yes!!! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend <3

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