Philip & Amanda



Amanda Wesneski


Philip Ballard


February 24, 2024

Houston, TX
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It was always you...

Philip and Amanda met at an online social gathering in spring 2020, but had never formally met, or even talked to each other. After two years of watching each other from a distance through social media, they finally reconnected on Hinge in July of 2022. Their first date was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and Sushi happy hour afterwards. After two to three weeks of dating, Amanda helped Philip to pull the trigger on a trip to Dublin, Ireland that he had been wanting to go on for five months by inviting herself to go along with him! Since that wonderful decision, they have gone on numerous trips in the states and abroad together- sharing many amazing experiences, seeing beautiful scenery, and tryin' ALL THE FOOD! They have created a home in Downtown Houston together- where they share life and love with 4 pets (3 dogs and a bossy cat). It didn't take long for Philip and Amanda to know that this relationship was unlike any other they had experienced before. (And they had plenty of experience before). On May 13, 2022 Philip proposed to Amanda at home, surrounded by their animals while doing one of their favorite things together- morning coffee chats! Amanda said "ABSOLUTELY!", and the rest is history. Philip and Amanda are so excited to be exchanging vows in front of their closest friends and family in Houston, TX. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!