Jonathan & Amanda








April 29, 2023

Pendergrass, GA
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The Proposal

How We Met

Jon and Amanda's story began 15 years ago as two directionless, care-free, young adults. From the moment they met, Jon & Amanda adored each other's company. This adoration for one another would turn into spending multiple weekends together whenever they got the chance. Unfortunately, life got in the way. And as time passed, Jon and Amanda lost touch...

New Beginnings

(and missed connections...)

In 2009 - Amanda gave birth to a beautiful son named Charlie. With the help of her family and friends, she raised Charlie as a single mother. In 2012 - Jon moved to California for a few years to explore new work-related opportunities on the west coast.

The "First Date"

(10 Years Later...)

When Jon returned to Georgia in 2018, Amanda randomly reached out to him again one night. They agreed to go on a proper dinner date for the first time in 10 years. This "first date" blossomed into multiple dates and eventually meeting each other's family and friends. Despite the distance that had separated Jon and Amanda for so many years, time and life experiences had matured both of them as their relationship evolved into an inseparable romantic bond. When Amanda finally introduced Jon to her 10-year-old son, Charlie, he immediately felt a strong connection to him. After a year of dating, Jon quietly decided that if they ever got married, he wanted to adopt Charlie and become the father that he never had.

In Vino Veritas

"In wine, there is truth..."

During a wine-tasting tour on Mother's Day in 2021, Amanda and Jon realized that Charlie's conception timeline might have been earlier than initially believed. They decided to take a DNA test the following week to rule out the possibility. To avoid getting Charlie's hopes up, they told him it was a "COVID antibody test" and had the saliva samples shipped to a lab. Three days later, the results came back... Jon and Amanda were overjoyed to discover that Charlie is indeed 99.99998% Jon's biological son and has been all along.