Alyssa & Steve


We’re getting married!

Alyssa Rose Benitez


Steve Mathew Benavidez

November 24, 2023

Rodeo, NM

A Note to Our Family and Friends

We know that the date and location of our wedding may prevent some of our invited guests from attending. We completely understand if you feel that you simply cannot make the trip, for any reason. We just want you to know that if it were possible, we would want you to be here to celebrate with us.

How We Met


We met for the first time at a church youth group when we were teenagers. We noticed each other right away because we were both wearing a knee brace. If you know, you know. We re-connected after high school and eventually started dating during our college years. It didn’t take us very long to realize that we had both found something really special in each other.

The Proposal


On the night of the proposal, we were at dinner with our Jiu Jitsu team after having been at a tournament all day. We were all seated at our table and eating dinner when all of a sudden the entire restaurant wait staff came over to the table and started singing happy birthday to me (Alyssa). I was confused, to say the least, as my birthday is in September, but before I could ask any questions, I turned to Steve and I realized he was down on one knee, with a ring, asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! It was a wonderful evening and a beautiful memory I’m sure we will never forget. We are so excited and thankful to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with all of you. See you in Rodeo!

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