March 14, 2020
Portland, Oregon

Alyssa & Marshall


Watercolor BrushstrokeWatercolor Brushstroke

Marshall Maier


Alyssa Gedroez




March 14



There will be elderly and children attending the wedding. If anyone feels any symptoms of the Coronavirus, we love you but please stay home and rest.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I first saw Marshall, it was during a closing shift at The Fort. He had walked upstairs for something and I had never seen him before. I remember his smile and how he completely intrigued me by just a simple greeting. It wasn't until a work picnic that I actually got to get to know him. He was sweet, entertaining and incredibly funny; from then on, I wanted to know everything about him. - Alyssa I first caught a glance of Alyssa when we crossed paths working different shifts at the Fort George. I was immediately enamored with this tall gorgeous new girl and I had to introduce myself to her. I walked over to her, said hi, told her my name and saw the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Months later I got the chance to know her and found that her personality and character were even more impressive. Once we finally went on a date I never looked back. I knew I wanted this woman in my life every day. -Marshall

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