Alyson Marie & Thomas Amaru


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July 26, 2024

Lincoln, NE
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How We Met

First comes hinge, then comes marriage.

Tommy was swiping through dating apps one day and came across a cute girl and liked her profile and then anxiously waited with no response for the next two weeks. Alyson was looking at her phone before bed one night and was swiping through the boys who had liked her profile and when she came across Tommy’s profile where he had responded to her prompt ‘you should *not* go out with me… if you don’t want to let me have aux in the car” to which he responded ‘you can have it anytime’ (which she later found out was just a line and did not hold true) she thought she would give it a chance so she liked him back. She woke up to a message the next morning from him and they began talking and then he asked for her number. They texted for a while before Tommy started to ask when they could go on a date to which Alyson had many excuses of why she could not go BUT finally she caved and on July 31st, 2022 they went on their first date to adventure golf where Tommy talked for 45 minutes and Alyson talked for 5. The date ended with a sweaty side hug and then Tommy yelled ‘text me if you want to hang out again’ and he practically ran to his car. He then texted her as soon as he got home and he anxiously awaited her response until the next morning. They went on many dates and saw each other nearly everyday before Tommy asked Alyson to be his girlfriend on August 20, 2022 and they’ve been madly in love ever since.

The Proposal


Alyson made dinner reservations and set up appointments to get her and her best friends nails done because she thought her best friend was getting engaged that day or that was the story she was told. Tommy and Alyson and their two friends went out to dinner at the venue and then said goodbye to our friends to send them off to “their proposal”. Tommy drove Alyson back to her parents house where Alyson’s dad and Tommy suddenly had to go “clean the blackstone” so they went out to the garage. A few minutes later Alyson’s mom and sisters insisted that they all go have a drink on the deck and as she stepped outside she saw Tommy standing in the yard with an arch with lights behind him. Alyson made her way down the stairs to meet Tommy where he forgot his entire speech except “Alyson, will you marry me?”. Alyson said yes and they were able to celebrate the whole night with family and friends. We are so excited to celebrate the next chapter of our lives with you! See you 7.26.24 <3

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