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Juan Lugo


Alycia Sherback

September 22


September 23

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How We Met

Alycia's college roommate was good friends with Juan. We saw each other in passing a few times, but the first time we got to sit down and get to know each other we talked all night long! It was only a few months before Juan's graduation, when we finally told each other how we truly felt. We decided to commit to doing a long distance relationship for two years until Alycia graduated and then we moved to Houston to finally be together! The rest is history!

The Proposal

While Alycia was dropping hints that she was ready for the next big step, Juan had already asked her family for her hand months ago and was hiding her ring in a guitar case in the spare bedroom. We went on vacation to Spain and were on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Alycia had dragged Juan to the other side of the island because she wanted to see a beautiful cove. She told Juan that we should walk along the side of the cliffs to get a better look. Juan isn't the biggest fan of heights, so she was surprised when he agreed. Once we found a good lookout point and Alycia was admiring the view, she turned around to see Juan down on one knee!