Ashley & Dwight


Ashley Pollard


Dwight Anthony, Jr.

June 1, 2023

Gambrills, MD
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How We Met

Who would’ve thought my mom would be the vessel God used to introduce me to my forever guy, the guy I longed for. ~Ashley On February 7, 2021, our lives changed forever. We met at a family dinner hosted by the mother of the bride, Mrs. V. Mrs. V and Dwight Anthony (affectionately named “Tony”), met while taking a Christian leadership class. After months of getting to know him, Mrs. V felt lead by the Holy Spirit to introduce him to her daughter… so she invited us to her home for dinner. Dinner was amazing!!- And not just because we ate good. It was because everything about that moment felt good, felt genuine, felt real. A week later, on February 12, 2021, we went on our first date. Although we had just met, our hearts had known each other forever. It was on that night, that God revealed to us (individually, in our secret place) that this was our forever love. Our story has just begun. Our journey so divine. A love so real, so true. A day, “our day”, that we’d like to share with you. Thank you for being a part of our love story. ~XoXo Ashley & Tony