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August 13

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It all started at CT Food Bank


I was a Junior at the University of Bridgeport, and she was a freshman. On a random spring day, she had a class assignment she needed to complete that required her to volunteer at a food bank. I was bored and looking for something to do. On the bus ride to the food bank we didn't talk, but when we got there and started packaging food boxes I couldn't stand there and watch this beautiful lady struggle with lifting the heavy boxes, so I offered to switch positions with her. We talked the entire time and now here we are getting married, again lol.

Engagement Story- Bride's View


At the end of 2021, Almando and I agreed to start seeing each other every other month. This was due to my move to PA from NY with my family, making it a 3.5-hour commute from Connecticut (where Almando resided with his family). We saw one another in December 2021, so I thought I would not see the groom until February 2022. We agreed to have a virtual date on the months we did not meet. We planned to (over Zoom) cook shrimp alfredo pasta and watch a funny movie together on January 15, 2022. To keep the feel of an actual date, we dressed up and decided to facetime outdoors first to show off our looks. As I facetimed him, I realized I heard his voice in real life, so I turned around and there he was. I was SHOCKED! We went to an Italian restaurant, then he took me to the library. Shortly after, he popped the question and of course I said yes!

Engagement Story- Groom's View


For my proposal I know there was 2 things I wanted: it had to be a surprise, and it had to involve food. My plan was simple, drive to PA from CT and take her on an amazing date. I took her to an Italian restaurant because I knew she'd like that, and lo and behold it was a hit. Then I took her to a library because we always met up in our university library. It didn't go as well as I'd hope, but when I popped the question it felt like a perfect moment.