Allen & Allyson


Allyson Basch


Allen Goldfarb

October 22, 2023

Simi Valley, CA
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Our Story

About 10 years before Allen got down on one knee, Allyson and Allen had met at 19216 Lassen Street, also known as the AEPi house. Allen, a finance major, and Allyson, a kinesiology major, had developed a friendship during their college days. After undergraduate graduation, Allyson was accepted to the Doctorate of Occupational Therapy program at Northern Arizona University in Phoenix. Meanwhile, Allen stayed at CSUN to earn his Masters in Accountancy and eventually his CPA license. The two had remained friends while attending their respective graduate programs and would often hang out when Allyson would visit home. Just a few days after Allyson moved back to Los Angeles after her graduation in 2019, Allen asked Allyson on a date. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to introduce their mother to a nice Jewish doctor. The rest was history. Their relationship grew over the next few years. The couple spent lots of time together during COVID and had eventually moved in together in Woodland Hills. After about a year of living together, Allen had set up the perfect proposal during their trip to Seattle. Currently, Allyson is an Occupational Therapist at a clinic that treats patients who have experienced brain injuries. Allen is a CPA at a business management firm that works mostly with clients in the entertainment industry. The couple is very excited for their upcoming wedding and are looking forward to celebrating with their friends and family!