Hardy-Wollyung Wedding

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

The Wedding Website of Allison Hardy and Greg Wollyung
Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us. There's also a special spotlight at the bottom of this page for our beloved pets. This includes our newest addition to the family, our puppy Thad!

Sam Evans

Maid of Honor

Sam and Allison have been best friends since high school and the memories they've made together are endless.

Megan Alexopoulos


Allison and Greg met Megan after accounting class with good old Mr. Miller at Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) during sophomore year.

Darcy Andrushko


Allison met Darcy when she started working at Hoffman Car Wash and they've been close ever since.

Corrina Boyer


Corrina and Allison both worked at the local Price Chopper and they met when they were 16 years old! She's the reason why Allison officialy met and started dating Greg back in the day. Time flies...

Emily Lanchak


Emily has known Allison and Greg since their freshman year of college. The memories are endless and so is this friendship.

Alison Knowlton


Alison (Ali) is Greg's sister. This is a special shoutout to thank her for being a VERY last minute bridesmaid! You saved the day and the bride is forever grateful. I think what's even better is that the Knowlton family all got to be part of the wedding party. Alex Knowlton (Ali's husband) was one of the groomsmen and Max (their son) was the Ring Bearer.

Amy Strong


Amy is Greg's sister and the mother of little Cora (Flower Girl). This is a special shoutout to thank her for being another VERY last minute bridesmaid! You also saved the day and the bride is forever grateful. I think it was fate to have both sisters in the bridal party.

Zach Wrieden

Best Man

Greg and Zach met when he began working in the IT department at Hoffman Car Wash and they have been close ever since.

Jake Harney


Greg and Allison have both known Jake since elementary school. Actually, it was hard for Allison to ever avoid Jake since his last name is Harney. Greg reconnected with Jake when he came back home to attend Shenendehowa High School East for his junior year.

Nick Pennacia


Nick and Greg have known each other since childhood. They lived in the same neighborhood growing up and have been close ever since.

Jack Hardy


Jack is Allison's one and only little brother! Obviously, Greg has gotten to know him pretty well over the last almost 14 years now and that's why he is one of the groomsmen.

Alex Knowlton


Alex is Greg's brother in law. He is not only family but also a great chef and friend to Greg of course!

Alex Wollyung


Alex is Greg's one and only little brother! Obviously they are close and that is why he is one of the groomsmen as well.

Jonathan Binner


Jonathan is Greg's nephew and he is also getting married this year. John Binner is Greg's oldest half brother and Jonathan's dad. Given how close in age Jonathan is to Greg, they have always been more like friends than uncle and nephew.

Allison Hardy


Allison and Greg have been together for almost 14 years now and they are high school sweethearts. Allison likes to tell everyone that she could be a doctor by now. She attended college from 2011-2022 where she obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Soon after obtaining her master’s, Allison was accepted into The Sage Colleges Dietetic Internship program. From 2019-2021, she interned Part Time and worked at a nursing home in Albany, NY as a Clinical Nutritionist. The COVID-19 pandemic was never Allison’s friend as it prolonged her internship. Special thanks to Greg for taking on the housework/cooking during this stressful time! Allison recently passed her exam and became a registered dietitian (RD). Again, special thanks to not only Greg but the family and friends who supported her during this difficult time! This was Allison’s last barrier to overcome. Now she can enjoy wedding planning and her free time between work and going to the gym. Allison is now the supervisor of the diet office at Ellis Medicine in Schenectady, NY. She has been skiing since the young age of 3, which most of you know. Greg and Allison love to go skiing and riding together and they appreciate this more now that she has free time! Allison is also passionate about the gym—she loves the Les Mills classes offered at their local gym (Vent Fitness). Her favorite is BodyCombat. Greg and Allison cannot wait to celebrate their wedding with everyone that can attend!

Greg Wollyung


Greg and Allison have been together for almost 14 years now. They started dating at the young age of 16 as juniors in high school! Greg has worked for Hoffman Car Wash for about eight years now. He started as a line employee at the Latham location and was promoted to a supervisor role. From there, Greg attended UAlbany and his program of choice was the Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Emergency Preparedness. Greg chose to focus on Cyber Security and soon after his graduation, he was transferred to the IT department at Hoffman Car Wash. Greg originally worked for the IT Helpdesk but he is now the IT Integrations/Security Manager. Both Allison and Greg continue to learn and grow into their positions daily and they appreciate their new found free time together. They are also enjoying wedding planning and house projects and look forward to seeing everyone that can attend the wedding this coming fall!

Ed Wollyung

Father of the Groom

Jeanne Wollyung

Mother of the Groom

Brad Hardy

Father of the Bride

Shelley Hardy

Mother of the Bride

Cora Strong

Flower Girl

Cora is Greg's niece and she is the daughter of Aaron and Amy Strong. Amy is Greg's sister and little Cora will be three this September! Never a dull day with this little cutie around.

Maxwell Knowlton

Ring Bearer

Max is Greg's nephew and the son of Alex and Alison Knowlton. Alison is Greg's sister and Max will be almost 12 by the time the wedding happens! Where did the time go!?

Gouda and Cici

Cat Siblings

Allison adopted Gouda (like the cheese) and his sister Cici (like the Volkswagen CC) at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in October 2017. These tiger siblings have been together since birth and are inseparable. Their actual birthday is 7/1/2016, so they will be seven years old on 7/1/2023! Where has the time gone? Greg and Allison have been in love with these two peas in a pod ever since because there's never a dull day with them around. We all know who really runs the house!



Greg and Allison took Naomi in during August 2019 because Allison's coworker wanted to rehome her since they were moving to Florida and she was nine years old at the time. She is originally from a PetSmart in Mississippi, can you believe that? Her roommates Gouda and Cici immediately adored her believe it or not! Naomi will be 13 in August and is the official old woman of the house. Her meow and spirit bring us joy daily. We love our grey kitty so much!



Greg and Allison finally did it and they got a puppy on Thursday, 6/8/23. This is Thad and he's an English-Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian) Mastiff. He's going to be a huge dog so they better enjoy their time with him while he's a puppy!